Zubair Ali Ahmed has over eighteen years of experience in providing interior design solutions to residential, commercial projects, retail and
hospitality projects.


His design philosophy bears a close relationship between the specialties of architecture and interior decoration.
He believes good design is powerful, it enhances life, elevates human experience and improves the quality
of interaction between people and their surroundings.


With an expertise that spread across a wide variety of interior environments from contemporary to
traditional, he has been able to design rich environments that illustrate sophisticated color palettes,
refined materials and detailing, tailored according to the clients requirements.

Zubair Ali Ahmed has built a reputation by his commitment to creativity, collaboration, flexibility and
thoughtfulness. He endeavors to create interior spaces with an elegance that survives the continuous
passage of design trends. By truly understanding client goals he creates spaces that not only meet
expectations but also go beyond to surprise and delight visitors with warmth and innovation.
His design projects continue to overwhelm clients’ expectations. His dedication leads to an organized
and superiorly managed project that fits in on the budget.


Prior to the establishment of Studio Plus Design, Zubair Ali Ahmed was the Director of Space Interior
Decorators and Designers the company was formed in 1997, Is also a Director at
DEFA Lighting Solutions Pvt Ltd created in 2007, under which he created an Ultra Luxury
Swarovski Lighting Boutique, first of its kind in Asia for which he was applauded internationally.
Under this firm he associated /partnered with international brands like Swarovski,
Foacarini, Zumtobel, TeleTask, Fabbian, to name a few.



Note From the Leader:


“A home is much more than a postal address. It is the Hub of our happiness, A space that envelopes
many episodes of our life a warm Halo that wreathes our family, it's an eternal picture frame that
ensconces every thing, our mornings & evenings, from birthday's to wedlock's to anniversaries,
from rains to winters to springs, & that's why it has to be just the choice we make
who builds our dreams & makes them as large & realistic as life. At Studio Plus Design
we do just that, we encourage the full participation of our clients through all phases
of the building process to insure that your home becomes uniquely yours. “


Zubair Ali Ahmed