The First Step Towards Your Vision


The first step is to measure and photograph your space so that we have the information we need to
generate the actual plans on paper. Without a written plan that everyone involved in the
project can use as a roadmap, your dream could get sidetracked.


A Design Brief Is Critical

Committing your plan to paper provides everyone involved with the facts they need to do their job
efficiently. If you’ve built or renovated before without a design brief, you’ll soon see the value in
having a document that keeps misunderstandings and mistakes to a minimum.



Detailed Drawings For Bigger Dreams

Depending on your needs, a further detailed set of drawings will be provided to include furniture
layout, mood board, tile settings, patterns, lighting designs, etc, so you can keep the end result
in mind. These interior design drawings provide you with an understanding of what to expect
at key points in the project.



Sketches Light The Way Forward

Once your living space dimensions have been defined and organized into a written plan, it’s time
to create an interior Schematic Design. During the schematic change, we start to develop rough,
exploratory directions using preliminary sketches, 3D renderings & walk through’s that will help
us “visualize” your interior design end result.



Budget with Design Options

Once you approve the schematics, we move into the Design Development phase of your
interior design project. This is where we love to explore personalized interior design options
in much greater detail so you can begin to “see” what the end result will look like but
always keeping a close tab on the budgets.


Studio Plus Design specializes in identifying modifications that maximize design cost efficiency
so you can use the “found” savings for more interior decorative items for your home/offices etc.