Product procurement simply means we purchase all corresponding
goods on your behalf.

Sounds so simple and yet this aspect of your interior design project can be a logistical nightmare
unless an experienced professional tightly manages it.

Our service includes selecting product, coordinating finishes and fabrics on specifications and
reviewing quotes on your behalf.

We take control and keep your “Advil” moments to a minimum by making sure the process runs smoothly.
Reselecting the product or getting involved in numerous visits or phone-calls to the manufacturer are
needed to make sure your expectations are met. Even though these issues were unexpected, someone
has to deal with them. We make sure it isn’t you.

We also have association with over 100 manufacturers that allow us to offer our clients options for
their procurement needs. We start a process with detailed analysis of the products required with
various options and budgets that will suit the project requirements. We offer our clients the
products at no extra cost directly from these manufacturers.

We offer a comprehensive package through our procurement division & take full responsibility
of purchasing. As purchase agents we deal directly with manufacturers & representatives
negotiate & save clients time & money & also ensure that the products are delivered in a
budget & in timely fashion.


At Studio Plus Procurement we have established systems & procedures to monitor & control the
FF& E so our clients budgets/Quality /Design expectations are met & frequently exceeded.

Our goal is to offer our clients an uncompromised procurement and delivery process, which
ensures timely delivery of shipments, which helps in meeting the project deadlines.